“Today we are all Japanese” – George Takei

Google has started a person finder service. If you are looking for someone, or have information about someone please visit this site.

Google Person Finder

The Canadian and American red cross have started to take donations. In the US you can also text 90999 to make a donation.

Time out Tokyo
has a live blog on whats happening now.
(excerpt below)

With the phone network still jammed, we’ve just been told that public pay phones have been made free so that people can contact their families. Offices around Hiroo are closing early, but people are finding it impossible to get home. Buses are the only option. Taxis are thin on the ground.

There’s a special message service in operation if you want to check on missing loved ones. Dial 171, leave a message with your home number. Anyone who knows your home number can check on your safety.

Free phones are now operating in the following areas: Fukushima, Yamagata, Iwate, Miyagi, Akita, Aomori.”