100 Yen: The Official Story Trailer

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Well, it has been over one year since I first posted my hype for the announced documentary involving Japanese arcades and gaming.  But just recently, a brand new story trailer has erupted onto the internet and I honestly can’t wait to watch the awesome goodness tucked away into this 75 minute insight into Japanese arcade experience.

If you are unfamiliar with the premise for the documentary, read the official synopsis below:

IMAGINE a world where video games reign supreme. Five story buildings filled with arcade cabinets, old and new, inundate the streets of downtown Tokyo. Welcome to Japan. A place where the arcades of the 80s and 90s not only still exist, but thrive and have evolved into an elaborate, unmatchable gaming experience.

100 Yen is a historical documentary about the evolution of arcades and the culture surrounding it – from the birth of arcades to the game centers that still thrive today. With a predominant focus on the three major arcade genres, Shooting games, Fighting games and Rhythm games, 100 Yen explores the culture and evolution of arcades through the past and present. All filmed on location in Japan, Canada and the USA featuring interviews with industry professionals, game programmers and designers, casual gamers and gaming icons.

In the trailer above, I really like the second last line by Hiro Kawaguhi which reads as ‘arcades allow you a glimpse of something bigger.’  I know exactly what he means and I recommend that everyone check out a few arcades wherever they may find themselves in Japan.  I ensure you that there is something for everyone and you’ll leave a happy person.  Though perhaps your wallet won’t.  n_n

Source: 100 Yen Film – Official

  • dean_rainey

    This is just another reason why I love Japan. I played jubeat a lot with friends but I recently started taking my girlfriend to the arcade and now she’s a fan of jubeat! You get couples, families, co-workers everyone at an arcade at the weekend and it’s basically a $1 theme park!

    • http://myshashin.tumblr.com TicTaek

      I love jubeat so much! Playing that game on my iPhone just doesn’t compare.  Even on the iPad, it just isn’t the same.  Props in getting your gf hooked to jubeat.  You are a hero!