20 Japanese Electro-pop Groups and Artists

Today I’d like to introduce you to 20 new and old Japanese electro-pop groups and artists. Some of these are very well-known, while hopefully at least a few others are new to you. So let’s dive right into it!


I don’t think it’s very surprising to see Perfume on the top of this list. They’re are by far the most well-known and most appreciated group in the genre. Like many other popular electro-pop acts, they’re produced by Nakata Yasutaka, a pure electronic genius.


MEG is a singer, fashion designer and model who debuted in 2001. Earlier this year she announced that she’d go on an hiatus music-wise in order to do fashion related work in Paris. But MEG’s got a rather long discography so there’s plenty to listen to until she makes her comeback, if she ever does. Since 2006, MEG’s music has almost exclusively been produced by Nakata Yasutaka.


immi started her career off as a J-pop singer and pianist and was for two years signed to Universal Music Japan and released a number of singles and one album under her real name, Nakazawa Mayu. In 2007 she released her first single “COSMIC PINK” under the name “immi” which managed to sell 50,000 copies. In 2009 she was signed by DefSTAR Records (Sony Music Japan). Oh and btw, immi looks really great in blonde hair!


capsule is an electronic duo consisting of Nakata Yasutaka and singer Koshijima Toshiko. They had their major debut in 2001 with their single “Sakura” and has since then experimented with many different styles, but more recently known for their electro-pop. They are very well-known and I recommend checking all their music out, but especially their releases since 2007.


marino first debuted in 2006, with her mini-album lollipop that was later in 2009 re-released as lollipop+. She’s produced by Nakata Yasutaka and Hayashibe Tomonori and she loves super cute girly stuff. Oh and the cat you see everywhere is actually her own and his name is MIKO-MONTA. Her song “flavor” is one of my favorite songs from this whole genre. Follow her on Twitter here.


Perhaps more electro-rock than electro-pop, either way, NIRGILIS is a band signed under DefSTAR Records and I’ve been listening to them since 2007 when they released their single “Update”.


COLTEMONIKHA is an electro-pop duo consisting of fashion designer Sakai Kate and producer Nakata Yasutaka. The name originates from Sakai Kate’s fashion brand “Made in COLKINIKHA” and together they’ve released two mini-albums, although nothing since 2007.


COPTER4016882 is a three person group, and although not being very active, they formed already in 1999 and has released four albums since. Their music definitely has a more indie feel to it, but that’s probably because they’re more Shibuya-kei than just electro-pop.

Marina Inoue

Marina Inoue is a J-pop artist and seiyuu (voice actress). Her single “Beautiful Story” which is one of few that can be put in this category was released in 2007. The rest of her discography mostly consists of character singles. Give her a search on YouTube, you’ll be surprised of how different she sounds in Houseki and energy.

Aira Mitsuki

Aira is well-known among those who frequently listen to this type of music, but she’s nowhere near the fame of Perfume. That being said, I personally think she’s got many really good songs and I think it’s a good thing that her music isn’t too mainstream-ish. And she didn’t get the title “Technopop Icon Aira Mitsuki” for nothing.


The new (auto-tuned) girl in town. Mizca was previously known as MASAMi, a member of J-pop group Sister Q that disbanded in 2006. In 2007 she released a solo debut single under her real name Mitsuoka Masami and late last year she decided to debut as an electro-pop artist under the name Mizca. Compared to many other electro-pop girls, Mizca goes for a more sexy style than the usual cute, and I have to say that it fits her well.

Sweet Vacation

An electro-pop duo formed in late 2007, they’re now signed by Victor Entertainment. The singer, May, is actually from Thailand and is currently studying at Waseda University. Besides that, she’s also got near perfect English, scoring 637 out of 677 in The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Ikio Ayaka

Ikio Ayaka is a Japanese electro pop singer, tarento and exclusive fashion model for S Cawaii! magazine. She’s more commonly known just as “Ayaka” from her work as a fashion model.


One of the bigger names in the genre nowadays with 5 mini-albums since 2006 and her first full album, “Welcome to Sa-World”, that was released earlier this year.


Originating from the streets of Akihabara, you can’t get much purer electro-pop! Signed by Victor Entertainment and is just like Aira Mitsuki produced by Terukado.


A young electro-pop trio that disbanded earlier this year. They sound like an offspring of an Hello! Project unit or AKB48.


mini is a 25 year old fashion model from Tokyo who signed with avex and debuted earlier this year. She has only released 2 singles and been part of a collaboration CD so far, but we’ll probably see more of her soon enough.


A very popular electro-pop trio formed in March 2008 and signed by avex. Much more mainstream than most of the other groups on this list.


I didn’t know about MOTOCOMPO until I decided to make this list actually. So I’m a bit surprised to see that the band was formed already in 1996. I’m gonna have to dig deeper, but for now, enjoy their song Higher I Fly^^

Genki Rockets

Genki Rockets is an electronic project which is made up by a virtual idol called Lumi, a first baby born in outer space who has never been to the earth. There’s not much information to be found about Genki Rockets, but apparently there are four people behind the project, two producers (Tamai Kenji and Mizuguchi Tetsuya) and two vocalists (Rachel Rhodes and Miyahara Nami, both singing as Lumi).

Feel free to recommend other electro-pop groups and artists in the comments section below. I’m in love with the genre so I always want to find more!

  • Jenny

    I knew Perfume, Capsule, Meg, Genki rockets and Aira Mitsuki. Girl next door I also know but I’ve always prefered Perfume.
    But a nice list, I discovered some new acts as well.

    • http://www.yonasu.com yonasu

      Thanks^^ I’ve always been a Perfume fan as well actually!

  • Anonymous

    Hmm long list, I knew Perfume and Capsule.

  • http://twitter.com/Mug_why Aleksey

    Nice compilation. Thank you

  • Anonymous

    All of this sounds surprisingly alike…
    I’m a Perfume fan and I like SAWA from すばらしきこのせかい, but I rarely heard of the rest.

    The ultra annoying thing is that I can’t watch most of these from Germany…

    • http://www.yonasu.com yonasu

      Hmm yeah, some of them do sound alike. If you like Perfume, I definitely recommend MEG, and you’d probably like capsule too^^

      Odd how you can’t watch them from there!

  • marinaserrano97@gmail.com

    why is marina inoue dress up like tsukushido mina????

  • Umiko

     mizca looks like a vocaloidXD

    • hoshi

      She sounds like one too.

  • Ypplenagard

    I’m a french musician and i looking for a songwriter : japanese lyrics only!!!
    I compose a funny-cool electropop : i have the music, i have the singing, but not the lyrics…
    And if you feel to sing so : be my guest!!!
    If you’re hooked and want to here my tracks : ypplenagard at gmail.com

  • Gacousy

    You forgot Ami Suzuki on your list

  • Djext2000

    Thanks for the list.  I’m a huge Perfume fan and have been trying to find other acts with that same electro-pop sound and everything here is a winner for me!  Now I can expand beyond my Perfume discography =P

  • Kennet

    Don’t forget he first – and best – of all japanese electro pop acts: Yellow Magic Orchestra. They recorded a number of brilliant albums 1977-1981. True pioneers, and the music is still great. 

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    please let me us know if you like the song

  • Hadalmusic

    Really great list, thanks a ton!

    been absolutely addicted to stuff from yasutaka nakata (perfume, capsule, kyary)  was looking for some more similar music,  and this is exactly what I was looking for. 

  • derp

    Most of them sound the same because they’re produced by Yasutaka. It’s weird that you’ve missed it, you only wrote about him producing for Capsule and Coltemonikha, but he also produces (at least) for Meg, mini and Perfume – and there are others, such as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!

  • CJ

    What about Denki Groove or LAMA?