2011 Video Earthquake Map

Posted by Dean on December 9th, 2011. Filters:

This year has had it’s fair amount of earthquakes. We’ll always remember the M9.0 earthquake that hit the Tohoku Region of Japan in March 2011.

But did you know there’ve been over 7,000 earthquakes this year? Not all of them have been as devastating as the “2011 Tohoku earthquake” but are earthquakes a growing fear we’re going to have to live with?

StoryMonoroch a Japanese YouTube user has uploaded scientific videos of just how many and how large some of the earthquakes we’ve had this year have been.

You’ll witness the “2011 Tohoku earthquake” at 2 minutes and again in the 2nd video at 2 minutes which is just of Japan.

Although I don’t understand much on a scientific level about these videos, they’re still interesting to watch. Here’s hoping the planet will quite down next year.