AKB48’s 3rd General Election Results

Posted by Dean on June 9th, 2011. Filters:

A few weeks ago I posted the first round of AKB48’s 3rd General Election. As of June 9th voting is over and the results are brought to us from Nippon Budokan.

This year Maeda Atsuko reclaimed the crown once again with a total of 139,892 votes Oshima Yuko came in close 2nd with 122,843. As Yuko is my favourite, I must admit I’m alittle disappointed.

I don’t understand the fascination with Acchan but congratulations to her and her fans. Yuko will make a come back next year. Even if I have to buy 5,500 singles myself.

During 2009’s Japanese Prime Minster elections Naoto Kan got a total of 163,446 only 23,554 more than AKB’s general election winner. I thought this was hilarious. It’s obvious what is more important to everyone this generation. Politicians who? The rest of the results are as follows;

1.Maeda Atsuko (139,892)

☆⌒★Media Senbatsu☆⌒★
2. Oshima Yuko (122,843)
3. Kashiwagi Yuki (74,252)
4. Shinoda Mariko (60,539)
5. Watanabe Mayu (59,118)
6. Kojima Haruna (52,920)
7. Takahashi Minami (52,790)
8. Itano Tomomi (50,403)
9. Sashihara Rino (45,227)
10. Matsui Rena (36,929)
11. Miyazawa Sae (33,500)
12. Takajo Aki (31,009)

13. Kitahara Rie (27,957)
14. Matsui Jurina (27,804)
15. Minegishi Minami (26,070)
16. Kasai Tomomi (22,857)
17. Akimoto Sayaka (17,154)
18. Sato Amina (16,574)
19. Yokoyama Yui (16,455)
20. Masuda Yuka (14,137)
21. Kuramochi Asuka (12,387)

☆⌒★Undergirls Center☆⌒★
22. Umeda Ayaka (11,860)

23. Takayanagi Akane (11,674)
24. Nakagawa Haruka (10,854)
25. Ota Aika (9,910)
26. Hirajima Natsumi (9,742)
27. Miyazaki Miho (9,271)
28. Yamamoto Sayaka (8,697)
29. Oya Shizuka (7,264)
30. Oya Masana (6,660)
31. Nito Moeno (6,288)
32. Komori Mika (6,120)
33. Hata Sawako (6,117)
34. Sato Sumire (5,438)
35. Oba Mina (5,411)
36. Suda Akari (5,343)
37. Maeda Ami (5,220)
38. Matsui Sakiko (5,020)
39. Ichikawa Miori (4,928)
40. Fujie Reina (4,698)

The amount of votes casted this year compared to last year is outstanding. Over 1.081 million in total. There’s still a lot of attention focused on Kashiwagi Yuki and Itano Tomomi’s positions. I’m personally very happy with Yukirin at 3rd but a little shocked to see Tomochin at 8th.

I followed the election on Twitter with the help of SUB48 and AKB48Journal. Thank you for your constant translations!

Where did your favourite rank? Would you like to see something like this from Hello!Project?

  • http://yonasu.com/ yonasu

    Aaawhhh, was really hoping Yuko would get the first place again :( But congrats to Acchan though, it’s not like she doesn’t deserve it^^

    • http://twitter.com/dean_rainey dean_rainey

      Me too! I’m really happy with Yukirin and Sasshii’s place though. I don’t understand Acchan’s appeal. I find her a little boring. I understand she’s the so to speak ‘face’ of AKB but beaten by over 17,000 more votes this time? That’s a hell of a lot more than last time!

    • http://yonasu.com/ yonasu

      Well, compared to Yuko she’s definitely boring :P But that’s because Yuko is hilarious! Acchan’s recent acting jobs and the solo career has definitely helped her to become the #1 again.

    • http://twitter.com/dean_rainey dean_rainey

      It’s a shame we can’t say the same about Tomochin’s recent solo career. I can’t believe she’s dropped out of the top 7. 

    • http://yonasu.com/ yonasu

      Looks about right to me, I’d rather see Sashiko at #8 instead of Itano though. I had no idea Takajo was more popular than Kitahara though =/

    • Keito

      nice to see kitahara moving up in rank though, suprised Mii-chan isn’t higher, sad Myao has dropped out of the media senbatsu, hoping she moves up next year. I didn’t see the appeal of acchan at first but now shes growing on me lol. Hoping Komori starts getting popular too, id liked to see more of her in the media.

  • http://profiles.google.com/leezhifei168 Lee Zhi Fei

    Shinoda Mariko is my favorite… kinda disappointed… And I don’t really understand what’s so great about Atsuko Maeda? She’s not really that beautiful… more towards the cute side (but not too cute), so I’m guessing those otakus who’ve voted for her are digging for her voice…

    • http://twitter.com/dean_rainey dean_rainey

      Is it really her voice? I’m not convinced. Her drama/solo career must have been enough to pull in some extra votes to beat Yuko. Mariko does very well every election. Are you disappointed she didn’t beat Yukirin? I can’t see anyone knocking Yuko and Acchan off out of the top 2 anytime soon.

    • http://yonasu.com/ yonasu

      Her voice is totally awesome though, that’s what made me like her, it’s so cute^^

    • kobayashi

      i think maeda has a though aura .. the beautiful face is not guaranteed to be in the center! did you judge people just by how beautiful she is? non sense -..-

    • watanabe

      atsuko maeda has a great aura

  • katou michiyo

    waah .. ganbette kudesai akb48 .. keep it up , love you all