AKB48 in My Dramaland

Published on June 7th, 2011.

So I have to admit that I know next to nothing about this group except that it’s a very large girl band. What I do know of them comes from recent posts at this very blog. However, it appears they’ve seeped into all aspect of Japan’s entertainment as of late and that includes the acting world of dramas and movies. Recent news that caught my attention pertaining to dramas and AKB48 are Atsuko Maeda being the new heroine of Hana Kimi and Team K captain Sayaka Akimoto among the cast members of a live-action drama version of Detective Conan.

Hana Kimi (short for Hanazakari no Kimitachi e) tells the story of a young girl name Mizuki Ashiya who travels from America to Japan to attend an all-boys school in order to meet her idol/crush Izumi Sano. In the process, disguising herself as a boy. Izumi was a great high jumper who suddenly quits the sport. Mizuki hopes to get close to him and somehow helps him return to the field. A previous series was broadcasted in 2007 starring Maki Horikita as Mizuki. This time around, the show will get a new cast, story, and even setting. Atsuko Maeda from AKB48 will take on the role of Mizuki this time around. I haven’t seen her in anything, so I’m looking forward to her performance in this show. It’s a really funny love story that doesn’t make a lot of sense at times, but the friendship created by the people trying to protect Mizuki’s identity really make this story stands out. Source: Tokyograph

Detective Conan is a story about a brilliant high-schooler name Jimmy Kudo who solves many cases for the police. His existence threatens a powerful syndicate called the Black Organization and their activities. So they decide to get rid of Jimmy once and for all with a powerful new poison called APTX 4869. Due to some strange twist, the poison has a second side-effect that turns Jimmy into a little boy instead of killing him. Now as a little kid, Jimmy takes on the alias Conan Edogawa and solves crimes behind the scene. Originally a manga series (still ongoing) by Gosho Aoyama, this story has been adapted as an animated series, several movies, and dramas. It’s newest rendition is a drama series starring Mizobata Junpei, Kutsuna Shiori, Akimoto Sayaka (AKB48), Otsuka Nene, and Jinnai Takanori. Source: Tokyograph


  • Anonymous

    I think AKB can’t match the quality of recent popular K-pop atrists. It’s wota pleasing with panty flash live shows and performing in swimsuit PV’s etc which is good if your a man, but on the music side I can’t listen to their songs. There are about 2-3 AKB songs that I really like.
    I like some members as Idols, but certainly not because of the music.

    • http://yonasu.com/ yonasu

      Well, a lot of people would disagree, you should see how crazy popular AKB48 is in Japan once you get here, among both girls and boys. And AKB48 does so much more than swimsuit PVs that you probably haven’t discovered :)

      Perhaps it’s just not your cup of tea, I don’t think the quality of recent popular K-pop idols are anywhere near AKB48 in terms of quality and entertainment value.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=566917274 Ben Ricker

    I REALLY liked Hana Kimi (the first adaptation) and hope they don’t screw it up. I do not think a singer-turned-actress will be able to best Maki Horikita as Mizuki.

    • http://twitter.com/yaadayaada Loc Lam | ロックラム

      I know, she did such a good job. I really want to re-watch it now. Well, they are changing the story a little so maybe the new story line will fit the new cast better. Atsuko doesn’t have a very boyish look to her face either so don’t know how this is gonna work. Ah, well. We’ll have to wait and see :)

    • http://yonasu.com/ yonasu

      I think she can definitely look boyish! Will be interesting to see it anyways^^

  • http://www.facebook.com/RhenecilLovelyJoy Love Ledres

    well step by step AKB48 member are moving to the next level they are not singer but an actor also I’m looking forward for their performance as an IDOL ^_^

  • raouf djellou from algeria

    this is my facebook RAOUF JOWE i love detective conan so much