AKB48’s “Super Long Distance” Tickets

Posted by Dean on August 18th, 2011. Filters:

Planning on visiting Japan in the next month? Interested in AKB48? Make sure to apply for AKB48’s “Super Long Distance” tickets!

“Super Long Distance” tickets are special theater tickets for foreign visitors. These are available for Team A, Team K and Team B. They can be purchased at AKB48’s Theater in Akihabara for ¥3,000.

In order to be eligible for the “Super Long Distance Category” you must send in an application 1 month prior to visiting and hold a foreign passport with a valid Japanese entrance visa issued in the last month.

The application which is sent by e-mail to sfar@akb48.co.jp and can be done for up to 6 friends. It must consist of a subject and body. It should also look like this;

<Subject> Your duration of visit in Japan

<Body> Your name / Country of origin (or your country of residence) / Your desired stage dates (indicate all dates) (Applicants must provide details of all people accompanying them on their behalf.)

It’s as simple as that folks! It can all be done in English and all you have to do is await a reply. Only one application can be submitted per person so if you have 6 friends joining you, you may as well have them all enter! A sample and more information can be found here.

I’ve personally won the “Super Long Distance” tickets once and a friend of mine won tickets for me last year. You can read more about my first visit to the AKB Theater here.

I urge anyone who is interested in AKB48 and is visiting Japan to enter for these tickets. Front row tickets for ¥3,000? That’s a steal! These tickets could easily be sold for over ¥50,000 if it were possible. The theater experience and giving each member a high-five afterwards is more than worth it and all it takes is a very simple e-mail.

During AKB48’s 3rd Senbatsu General Election they were giving away “Super Long Distance” tickets to attend the finals at Nippon Budokan. A friend of mine studying in Japan was a lucky winner.  He was interviewed for Japanese television and had front row seats. All it took was the same little e-mail!

Make sure to look out those opportunities as well. Maybe they’ll have some for AKB48’s 2nd Janken Taikai in September. If they do I’ll make sure to let you know!

Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    Does this still work? Me and at least 3 other people I know tried applying this year, and never even got an email response.

    • http://twitter.com/dean_rainey dean_rainey

      I can confirm this still works. I applied in April and won tickets for May. They don’t respond even if you haven’t won.

  • 48.48.4848

    About the application eligibility, do we have to visited one month before the visit for performance in order to be eligible? i am a bit confused about this statement as it shown on the official english site : “Those residing overseas that have visited Japan within the last month. (Passports will be checked for proof.)” and does this super long distance still works as at 2013? i am not sure about this as the english site looks rather outdated without any update.

    • dean_rainey

      I haven’t applied in a long time but no harm sending an e-mail :-).

  • Loqui

    Just wondering, is there anywhere I can get an overview of the ticketing system? And I’m from USA , and don’t speak any Japanese but are the people (like cashiers ) at the theater able to help me with simple things (time to go, etc.) .

    I am also wondering if the overseas ticket system still works, and if I don’t win that, when I am in Japan, can I apply at the theatre again?

    • dean_rainey

      As far as I know this still works. The staff in the theater can speak enough English to tell you the time and where to go. You can’t apply for tickets at the theater.

  • ichivip

    my flight is tomorrow to japan, i will be in tokyo for a week. if i dont receive any email mean i dont get it?