AKB48 TV Shows being Subtitled again

I’m happy to announce that after quite a long AKB48 fansubbing hiatus, a new large group has been formed called ProjectSUB48. The group is just about a week old and it aims to be able to sub all the weekly TV shows and everything else that is worth subbing. They will also eventually sub all the missed episodes of AKBINGO!.

On top of that, the group is fast. The first episode of Mousou Deka! (SKE48’s TV drama) was subbed in 3 days. Those subs can be downloaded from the official forum.

Below are some useful links you can use to follow the progress of the subtitling, so you don’t have to keep going back to a forum to check if something new has been released.

Twitter: @ProjectSUB48

Facebook: ProjectSUB48 Page

Wiki: ProjectSUB48 Wiki

Forum/Workshop: ProjectSUB48 Forum

IRC: SUB48 @ irc.rizon.net

Of course the subtitles alone won’t do, so in case you want to give Mousou Deka a try, you can start by paying a visit to the Hello! Online tracker.

  • http://twitter.com/Ami1982 Amy

    cool. Maybe I will check the fansubbers group out and find out more about AKB48 since I don’t know a lot about them yet.

  • Anonymous

    I’m over this stuff now… used to watch ハロモニ till Fujimoto and Yoshizawa left.
    Now I watch too much 踊るさんま御殿.

    (btw just a tip, the google IME for Japanese is awesome, it uses google search, giving you even kanjis for names that use unusual kanjis or names of shows/games/books etc.)

    • http://yonasu.com/ yonasu

      Oh my god man, I didn’t know that Google had that! Just trying it out and damn, it’s really really good! :D Thanks!!