Apple Store Shibuya

Many requests I put up on the JPCP page are pictures of various stores in Japan. I love shopping and I find stores in Japan particularly interesting. This time, I got Shiranwa to take some shots of the Apple Store in Shibuya for me.

Being a Mac and iPhone user (although I do not consider myself an Apple fanboy), the Apple stores in Japan are very much relative to my interests.

Unfortunately though, you’re not allowed to take photos inside the store, if you do, the Apple “Geniuses” will hunt you down and end you with a deadly Chuck Norris roundhouse kick. Hiya!

This store is a very basic one for being Apple really, kind of looks like they took a few IKEA tables and just lined them up…

Anyways, are you an Apple fan? Do you or have you ever used an Apple product?

Edit: According to Chris Dolan, the store does have a second floor, so it’s actually a bit bigger than it seems.

  • johpan

    I actually went there when I was in Tokyo a 2 weeks ago. It looks and feels like the Apple stores in Toronto, just everything’s in Japanese xD

    From what I remember, the first floor is where all the demo units and demonstrations are / take place and upstairs is where most of the products for sale are (software, laptop cases/sleeves/bags, headphones, etc.). The cashier is downstairs beside the stairs while the Genius Bar / Support / Appointment desk is upstairs.

    I didn’t buy anything. Everything there (beside the localized software and peripherials) I could get at my local Apple store.

    Anyway, I’m a big Apple fan. Their (Intel) laptops are great for student programmers since it can boot / virtualize any of the major OS’s providing limitless coding options. As for audio, I’m still using my 1st Gen, 8GB iPod Touch since it’s yet to fail me.

    Yep. Apple’s been pretty good to me.

    • yonasu

      Apple has been very good to me too, I’ve only managed to break a product of theirs once, and that was when I spilled gin over my wireless keyboard :P

      I don’t know why I never went in myself actually, although it was for the best anyways, otherwise I prolly would’ve bought something I shouldn’t have^^

  • ShiningStar

    I am not a fanboy but I use a MacBook Pro unibody late 2009 version’s top model and have an iPhone 3G, and wanted the 4G as soon as I heard it exists. ^^;
    I am very happy with it, and it’s the best laptop I ever had. First I was worried about the new and unknown OS, but thants to Jonasu I became familiar with it.
    He was one of the reasons that made me consider buying a Mac, and I love it’s slick, and clean design. When I use it on the train and see these poor losers with their ugly cheapy looking plastic laptops I know I made the right choice.
    Can’t even imagine to go back to a PC, and I hate to use $hitdows Vista at my workplace PC. I have to bring my laptop to work so I can use it in my breaks instead of the PC. After almost owning it since 10months I am really happy with it.
    I like almost anything that is new and good looking and is from Apple. :D

    • yonasu

      You’re not a fanboy? haha, hilarious^^ But their products are good, I’m with you on that.

      Vista is shit, but who uses it anyways? You should run Windows 7 :)