Arashi’s First Single for 2011

Posted by Amy on January 16th, 2011. Filters:

It has been announced that Arashi will be releasing their first single of 2011 titled “Lotus”.  It will be released on February 23rd and will be the theme song for the drama “bartender” in which member Masaki Aiba will be starring.  The track list has not been released, but as usual there will be Limited and Regular editions. The Limited Edition is said to include a DVD with video clips of  Lotus. (Probably the making of, if I am not mistaken) and the Regular edition will have a follow up song called “Boom Boom”.

I don’t know about you all, but I am super excited for this drama and new single. If you want to Pre-order the single its here at YesAsia.

Below is a live clip of the song “Lotus”.

[LIVE] Arashi – Lotus (25/02/2011) by makino-tsukushi

  • yonasu

    That sounds pretty good! Arashi’s music is perfect for drama themes for some reason, always works^^

    • Loc Lam | ロックラム

      I love their theme song for Stand Up. Have to listen to the rest for me to decide on this one, but it’s pretty catchy.

      I watched the fist ep of Bartender anime version and the drama seems to explore life outside the bar more so that’s a refreshing take on it.

    • Amy

      I <3 the drama Stand Up! :D

      I haven't watched anime in a long time, but I'm also curious about Bartender. I should look it up.

      "Lotus" kind of reminds me of their song "Truth" the video is similar to "Truth" and "Monster"

    • yonasu

      I’m a big fan of that drama too^^ Totally hilarious!

  • dean_rainey

    Not bad. I’ve been waiting for a more lively song from Arashi. They’ve been all serious since Troublemarker. Looking forward to the drama as well :-). My Girl = amazing.

    • yonasu

      Troublemaker is awesome^^

    • Amy

      I looove troublemaker. I took visual arts last year, and our class final project was a stop motion. Some of the ideas for it I got from the troublemaker video. XD