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Benetton has cooked up quite a lovely little web design for their Japanese branch. Very clean with solid colors and great photos on a white canvas, just the way I like it. I love the way they have made the logo part of the slider/navigation at the top, but the animations when switching between the different tabs are a bit slow in my opinion, still looks good though. Thumbs up for the easing animation used in the collection slider.

Although this is just a tiny detail, I love the Twitter and Facebook buttons they use

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  • TicTaek

    My whole life I have wanted just one piece of clothing from Benetton.  I am so going to make that happen.

    I am a sucker from green so Benetton always wins in that department.  And yes, the animation is on the slower side but definitely no ‘Game Over’ situation.   

    • Jonas

      Haha cool! :D

      There’s a Benetton store close to where I live, but I’ve never actually been inside… don’t know why. Think I might go there now that I know what their website looks like!

    • TicTaek

      Do it!

      We had one for the longest time in West Edmonton Mall and I never went it because I never saw anyone in the store (I dislike being the only shopper in a store) besides the single person that worked there.  Finally, one day, I was like screw it; I am going in no matter what.  Know what happened, the store had disappeared and I became sad.  Biggest regret of my life.

    • Jonas

      Haha, in my case the reason was that all you can see from the outside is the kids section, so I always thought it was a store only for kids :P