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Bijin-Tokei girl 3Even as an iPhone user I never thought I would actually pay for simple clock applications, but oh how wrong I was. This is my third clock application, first one being Flip Clock, second being Danny Choo’s MiraiClock. Bijin-Tokei launched earlier this year as a web application and it’s basically a rotation of cute girls holding up a blackboard with the time. The picture updates every minute and the girls have a few pictures each.

The difference between the web app and the iPhone app is that with the web app you can also see the girl’s name, birthday, blood type, height, occupation, favorite website, 3size (rare) and where she lives (not their full address unfortunately^^). While the iPhone app misses all of that, it makes a good desk clock, and if you want to look them up you can always go to the web app since they use the same girls for both.

You can use the iPhone app as an alarm clock as well, although keep in mind that it’s an app, and apps can crash. There’s also only 5 sounds you can choose from. Anyways, here’s a video of it, not much to show really but you need to be convinced! If the app can’t convince you, maybe Kagamikku can^^

Video removed

If you like it, it’s $2.99 (¥350). Search for bijin-tokei or click this link.

Bijin-Tokei girl 1 Bijin-Tokei girl 2

Official website

  • Mai

    A bit off topic, but did you use your Lumix LX3 to record that? Cause the video had amazing quality :). Also the background music was so cute!

    • yonasu

      Yep, I used my Lumix LX3 for this. The quality is great indeed, especially if you watch it in HD!^^

  • Jamaipanese

    not sure if the cuteness levels of these girls are high enough for me, could be because they had so much clothes on? ^^, crap did I just say that? errr, um, what am I saying, I dont even own an iphone -_-

    • yonasu

      Haha, I’m sure there’s someone you’ll like^^ I think it’s very nice to see “normal” girls wearing normal clothes instead of a bed sheet!

  • matus

    As I’m no iPhone user, there is still the opportunity to use it as a gadget for igoogle home page. That’s worth of it too :)

    • yonasu

      True! That’s better than nothing^^ Would you really go to iGoogle to check the time though?

  • Hoolan

    I could easily watch the minutes tick by with this.
    And Holy Moley your camera is good!

    • yonasu

      I certainly pay more attention to the clock than with the other clock apps, which is good since time tends to fly by when you have to do important stuff^^

  • Shining Star

    I want to have a Mizugi or gravure prehapps JAV version of this, but I give it a try, I have seen this on the app store before you mentioned.

    • yonasu

      Haha that would be fun, although not something to use when you have friends or family visiting^^

  • Shining Star

    I just bought Bijin Tokei and I’m downloading it now, its huge for a phone app, did you know there is another Bijin X Tokei? That’s the Osaka version with selected cute Japanese girls from Osaka. The one you have is selected girls from Tokyo I think.

    • yonasu

      I see, I didn’t know^^ And yes it’s pretty big since there’s 1440 pictures!

  • Japan Cinema

    You know, I’ve been using Twitter alot lately and I hear more & more about these iphone apps by people who tweet about them. With the inclusion of this post you jsut got me more and more interested!

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  • Muza-chan

    When initially launched, the site was often overloaded. :)
    Anyway, an iPhone app seems to be a better idea…

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  • paul

    There is a race queen version too that is pretty nice!

    • yonasu

      I’ve seen this app, and been thinking about getting myself a copy of it. There’s one with AV girls too :P