Buddha Brand

Posted by Jonas on November 26th, 2010. Filters:

It’s Friday again and I’m sitting here enjoying what could be my last coffee of the day, as it’s soon time for the beer to take over. While doing so, I’m preparing for the night by listening to some good old school Japanese hip-hop songs by Buddha Brand.

So let me tell you a bit about this group, since they’re probably new to many of you. Buddha Brand is a Japanese hip-hop group consisting of rapper and producer Dev Large, rapper NIPPS, CQ, and DJ Master Key. The four first met in New York in 1988 and started creating music under the name “Buddha Brand” in 1990. During their first two years they were known by a couple of other names, those being “Uwasa no Channeru” and “Numb Brain Buddha Brand”. What rapper Nipps and CQ were doing in New York City at that time, I do not know, but both Dev Large and DJ Master Key were regular DJs at various clubs in Brooklyn.

Buddha Brand returned to Japan in 1995 and released several singles and an album between 1996 and 2000, including the popular Ningen Hatsudensho (人間発電所; Human Generator) which can be found on compilation CDs even today.

If you’re a fan, DEV LARGE will release a mix-CD on January 19, 2011, together with an official Buddha Brand t-shirt, click here for more information on that (in Japanese).