Playful Robots

Posted by Loc on May 23rd, 2012. Filters:

If you’re not sure what an automaton is, no worries, I didn’t either. It’s basically a mini-robot that was built to not do everything, but only one thing. That one thing could be something quite useful like the cuckoo clock or something more playful like what you’ll see below. Many of us have probably seen […]

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Tokyo on Foot

Posted by Amy on April 28th, 2012. Filters:

This is a book that I would recommend to anyone who loves Japan and art. It is AMAZING! It contains all hand drawn maps and scenes from around Tokyo, all done in pencil crayon. Florent Chavouet joined his girlfriend in Tokyo while she was on a 6 month internship. Instead of getting a job, he […]

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Posted by Aaron on February 27th, 2012. Filters:

HR-FM is a Japanese freelance artist who likes to incorporate an art concept which he likes to call “The fossil which future people may dig.  By pairing incompatible time bases to create scenes I call “the future past”, I express both surprise and recollection.”

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Yosuke Ueno

Posted by Amy on January 23rd, 2012. Filters:

I always start new work without any detailed designs. My hope is for a piece to compleate itself beyond my imagination. I sometimes say that artists are parallel to scientists. Scientists have no way of knowing the result of an experiment beforehand. The same can be said about creating art. — Yosuke Ueno It’s like I […]

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3D Painting

Posted by Loc on January 21st, 2012. Filters:

Are you really bad at keeping a pet like me? So far, I’ve killed two fishes in my life and countless electronic pets. I’m really fond of fishes because they’re so beautiful to look at, but I’m just no good at keeping the aquarium at just the right environment for them. Luckily, I think I’ve […]

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Tokyo on Foot: Travels in the City’s Most Colorful Neighborhoods

Posted by Aaron on January 9th, 2012. Filters:

I recently picked up a book at my local bookstore when I was randomly bored and looking at anything Japan related.  My eyes caught this book right away as I noticed that the cover was entirely hand drawn.  Upon cracking the book open, I was blinded by an infinite amount of hand drawn illustrations (with […]

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The Art of Giving

Posted by Loc on November 7th, 2011. Filters:

November is here which means before you know it, the season of green and red will be here—Christmas! It’s the season to give and/or receive (if you’ve been good). However, in Japan, Christmas isn’t exactly a gift-giving holiday. Usually, people get a cake and eat together with their family. Don’t fret though, because in Japan […]

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AKB48 Pumpkin Carving

Posted by Dean on October 31st, 2011. Filters:

My idol fandom has reached new highs today as I decided to carve AKB48 into my families Halloween pumpkin this year.

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Oshima Yuko Wax Figure at Madame Tussauds

Posted by Dean on October 19th, 2011. Filters:

On October 19th, 2011 Oshima Yuko of AKB48 unveiled a wax figure of herself at Madame Tussauds, Tokyo.

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Upgraded Origami

Posted by Loc on October 3rd, 2011. Filters:

Origami, that awesome paper folding technique we all know about or have seen, has been a popular art form within Japan for many centuries and popularized elsewhere during the mid 1900s (Wikipedia). It is said to help calm the soul, build patience, and really good practice for building things. As the premise is to build […]

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