Chara – Dark Candy

Posted by Jonas on May 1st, 2011. Filters:

I would just like to recommend a really, really, amazing album this fine Saturday evening. Chara, as you may know, released her new album “Dark Candy” on April 13th. I became a huge fan of Chara back in 2007 when she released the album “UNION”, which is easily one of her very best with songs like “Amai Sekai”, and “FANTASY”. But today, now that I’ve listened to Dark Candy twice in a row and have started on the third, I have to say that this could be her best work of all time.

The music on Dark Candy is incredibly cheerful, in Chara’s own special, and slightly weird way. And with perfectly composed melodies, this is the album that will be played through my speakers the most this spring and summer, by far.


  1. カウントダウン (Countdown)
  2. ゆらしたがる (Yura Shitagaru)
  3. 永遠の詩 (Eien no Uta)
  4. Toy Soldier
  5. Little bird
  6. ここにいて (Koko ni Ite)
  7. Rachel
  8. ナイーブとイノセンス (Naive to Innocence)
  9. Dark Candy
  10. 才能の杖 (Sainou no Jyou)

My favorite song on this album is Yura Shitagaru with Toy Soldier and Little bird close behind. Below are some videos and samples, let me know what you think!

  • Loc Lam | ロックラム

    I got her album! It’s goooood.

  • Harvey

    I hadn’t really listened to Chara since Yasashii Kimochi days and the Swallowtail Butterfly soundtrack! Listening to

    ゆらしたがる she’s more poppy and upbeat than I remember, but still has that awesome whispery voice! Good stuff.