CM Tuesday Wk2: Perfume

Posted by Dean on October 18th, 2011. Filters:

This weeks CM Tuesday features a little group called Perfume. These girls aren’t shy of a few CM appearances. Perfume have recently been in CMs for Kirin’s Chu-hi, Pepsi’s NEX and Pino’s bite sized ice cream.

Chu-Hi is my favourite alcoholic drink of choice in Japan. Every time I see one of these CMs, I crave an ice cold Chu-Hi. What about you?

We got to hear Perfume’s cover of the Cardigans “Lovefool” for the first time during their Pepsi NEX CM. As Pepsi NEX isn’t available in the UK (Japanese and Korean markets only) the only time I’ve ever had it was on the Keisei Skyliner headed to into Tokyo from Narita. I purchased it on one of the onboard vending machines, it’s one of those drinks you’ll find in all vending machines.

Hungry and craving chocolate, me and a friend picked up Pino’s ice cream bites out of curiosity in a convenience store. Let’s just say we had to fight over the last one in the end. They’re delicious!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks CMs. Until next time..!

  • Jonas

    Awesome commercials! Chu-hi is not my favorite alcoholic drink but it’s good, dangerous though… you never know when to stop :P

    Pepsi NEX is totally awesome though, love it.

    • Anonymous

      It’s dangerous but I prefer to live on the edge :-) I can still remember the first time I tried Chu-Hi XD…or at least a little bit…!