CM Tuesday Wk7: LOTTE Fit’s

Posted by Dean on November 22nd, 2011. Filters:

LOTTE Co., Ltd. is a South Korean-Japanese Jaebeol (conglomerate) and one of the largest food and shopping groups in South Korea and Japan. After the normalization of Japan–Korea relations in 1965, Lotte expanded into Korea with the establishment of LOTTE Confectionary Co., Ltd in Seoul on April 3, 1967.

LOTTE is currently the largest candy/chewing gum manufacturer in both South Korea and Japan. LOTTE Fit’s is famous for it’s unusual flavours and it’s dance inspired CMs.

Most recently, CMs have starred famous actors and actress such as; Nozomi Sasaki and Sato Takeru. Beckii Cruel, our local Japanese idol even starred in a Fit’s CM.

LOTTE have their own YouTube channel with all their CMs. Make sure to check it out! Here’re a couple of my favourites.

There’s even a 3D one!

LOTTE Fit’s often hold dance contest. If your feeling up to the challenge, here’s a link. I think I’ll pass :-). Some of the user submitted ones are quite cute.

Of course the YouTube dancing idol Kozue has even submitted one.

The age old question. Beckii or Kozue?

If the LOTTE Fit’s theme isn’t already stuck in your head, enjoy this cute somehow related PV with Nozomi.

  • Jonas

    I’ve posted about this before actually, they’re awesome^^

    • Anonymous

      Goes to show how awesome they’re :-) we blogged about them twice!

  • sweetdelightss

    I love the Fit’s videos!! Too cute!

    • Anonymous

      That song gets stuck in your head all day!

  • Ray

    ahh Nozomi, I’d buy shovels if she sold them.
    I also recommend her Lucky Cider CM, another catchy and cute song