Dean’s Weekly Music Spotlight Wk3: TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – Kodou no Himitsu

Posted by Dean on November 6th, 2011. Filters:

TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE (東京女子流) are a pop vocal and dance group signed to avex trax. TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE  are avex’s first girl group in seven years. They’re composed of five members, Ayano Konishi, Miyu Yamabe, Hitomi Arai, Yuri Nakae, and Mei Shoji.

I first discovered TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE back in 2010 via their official YouTube channel. They released their first album “Kodou no Himitsu” in May, 2011, which included their first five singles.

As I was lucky enough to attend their first nation-wide concert tour in the Spring of 2011. I was able to pick up “Kodou no Himitsu” pre-release at the venue. The bass still makes my ears ring.

TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE are unlike most idol units you’ll find out there at the minute, the’re more focused on their dancing although they have some powerful vocals.

“Kodou no Himitsu” has a bit of every genre. My Favourite song on the album is “Secret of the Heartbeat”, the dance and bass were amazing live.

Mix-wise, music-wise and vocal-wise there’s a lot to be desired, though having 5 songs over 5 minutes out of 11 shows the desire to be “artists” instead of “idols”.


1. Intro~鼓動の秘密 (Secret of the Heartbeat)

2. Love like candy floss-TGS ver.-

3. ヒマワリと星屑 (Sunflower and Stardust)

4. 頑張って いつだって 信じてる (I Always Believe In Giving My Best)

5. サヨナラ、ありがとう。(Good-bye, Thank You.)

6. Attack Hyper Beat POP

7. おんなじキモチ (Same Feelings)

8. ゆうやけハナビ (Afterglow Fireworks)

9. きっと 忘れない、、、(I Surely Won’t Forget,,,)

10. 孤独の果て~月が泣いている~ (End of Loneliness ~Moon Crying~)

11. キラリ☆Album Mix~Outro~ (Sparkling)

12. おんなじキモチ -中国語 ver.- (Same Feelings – Chinese Version)

TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE frequently broadcast lives on their official Ustream channel. Feel free to hit up our TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE Ustream page to check them out.

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