Dean’s Weekly Music Spotlight Wk5: Liar Game Season 2 Original Soundtrack

Posted by Dean on November 20th, 2011. Filters:

Yasutaka Nakata is a Japanese songwriter, music producer and DJ. He formed capsule with Toshiko Koshijima back in 1997 with himself as composer/producer when he was just 17 years old. Since 2003 he has been Perfume’s producer. Nakata has also worked with several other Japanese recording artist such as; Ami Suzuki and MEG, and has even remixed songs by other popular artists, including M-Flo and Leah Dizon.

I’m not one to listen to soundtracks of movies or dramas. Although, Liar Game Season 2 is one I constantly find myself listening to. If you haven’t seen Liar Game, go watch it. All of Liar Game’s music is produced by Yasutaka Nakata. His music makes the entire Liar Game experience all the more enjoyable.

While listening to the soundtrack you get that exact same feeling of suspense and uncertainty you would while watching the drama. I don’t like listening to soundtracks because I prefer to hear the music along with watching the story unfold, with Nakata’s music you can easily reimagine those moments.

My favourite songs on the album are of course Liar Game Season 2’s opening theme, “Electric Circuit”, “Garden of Eden” and “Electric Spark 0102″.

1. Garden of Eden                                   12. Far Away

2. LIAR GAME -Season2 edit-                 13. Electric Spark 0102

3. Steal up Behind                                   14. Strategy Meeting

4. Desert Road

5. Golden Rule

6. Silent Revive

7. Paradise Lost

8. Electric Circuit

9. Coming Closer

10. Strangers

Liar Game will be getting a 2nd movie next year. I hope Nakata returns to produce another soundtrack :-).

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