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Posted by Jonas on January 31st, 2012. Filters:

I’ve mentioned several apps and sites where you can get your hands on Japanese emoji and kaomoji before, but this app I’m going to show you now beats all of them. The app is called Deco Mailer and as you might understand, it’s a mail application for your iPhone that lets you decorate your emails with all kinds of Japanese emoticons.

The biggest issue with most of these apps is that they don’t work on all platforms, most of them are iPhone only. This app however lets you use your Gmail, Softbank, Yahoo!, EZweb or au account, which means it should work on most platforms, including desktop computers.


The only downside about this app is that the interface is only available in Japanese. But if your Japanese isn’t great, I think the icons are pretty self-explanatory and you should be familiar with them if you’ve ever used a mail application before.

Another great feature is Templates. By clicking on templates you can browse for new emoticons and add them to your library, as seen below.



And that’s Deco Mailer! I hope you’ll find it useful and use it to write many cute email from now on(^O^)/

  • Kity Feng

    Nice article! I am having problems to login though T_T Can’t understand all the Japanese writing!