dentsu Ad-Gear

Posted by Jonas on August 26th, 2011. Filters:

dentsu Ad-Gear is, as you might understand just by reading the name, an advertising company. This is another beautiful website made with Flash with really cool and smooth animations. Much like free stitch, dentsu Ad-Gear also has nice background music and sound effects. That is one thing I’ve been very much against before but recently started to appreciate. On some sites it just works perfectly and makes total sense, dentsu’s being one of them.

One interesting feature is that the colors are actually randomly generated when you first visit the site, so next time you visit the site you’ll get a different set of colors. And of course the lovely full screen layout and the vector graphics are just a joy to look at.

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  • SputnikSweetie

    Ah, yes, one of the few websites that does bg music right. It’s pretty calming, actually.

    • Jonas

      Yeah! free stitch is even better in my opinion, but this is very nice.