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Posted by Aaron on April 27th, 2011. Filters:

So, I’m pretty sure it would be safe to say that most people exploring have at least heard of and/or watched Doraemon before.  If you haven’t, quickly run off to YouTube, type in Doraemon, and watch anything that pops up in your screen.  *Or click here to save super amounts of time.* Oh yah, be sure to come back here immediately after.

Alright!  So one day, I had the urge to buy something related to Doraemon.  The following short story (honestly, it is) is about what I got and how it happened:

  • Doraemon….Doraemon….Doraemon.
  • Woah, Christmas cash.  Awesome!  What to spend it on???
  • Months pass by.
  • I got it!  Wait, nope, forgot.
  • Days become weeks.
  • Yatta!  A watch. I need a watch!  But not just a normal watch, that’s, well, boring.  I need something that will shout “huh! cool! woah! neat!”
  • Hmmmm….. I wonder if a Doraemon watch exists?  Yes, they do, but they are all so boring.  Except this!!!!

Back in 2009, Nooka (a watch/accessory/mindstyle company) collaborated with Doratch (a Japanese watch maker specializing in Doraemon themes) to create the ultimate Doraemon watch in existence.

500 of these watches were made and I am the proud owner of #042.  It took me quite awhile to find this watch within the price range that my Christmas money budget allowed.  I was obviously successful, but I still needed to put in some extra cash in the end.  I will add that it was totally worth it.  Not only do I get questions all the time about what is on the watch, but more questions revolve around how I actually tell time with this thing.  I will be honest, counting the minutes can be tricky especially when you are trying to be exact.  But who am I kidding, I didn’t buy this watch to be exact in my time telling skills.  n_n

Nooka still carries on the tradition of collaborating with various designers and companies, but this Doraemon collab is definitely one of the finest I’ve seen.

I just get the feeling this watch is missing something.  Doraemon voice prompts perhaps?

  • Loc Lam | ロックラム

    Time is relative! Your watch rules!

    Just fyi, I will steal your watch when given the chance.

    • TicTaek

      Thanks dude!

      Man, if we ever have a yonasu meet up, I’ll pretend that I am giving you a chance to steal my watch. But remember, I am tricky, and you’ll likely end up crying in the end. n_n

    • Loc Lam | ロックラム

      Haha, well I am a certified ninja trained by Naruto himself. So you won’t even realized it’s gone :P

    • TicTaek

      Oh, I certainly will as my Devil Fruit powers combat ninja skills quite easily. mwhahaha

    • Loc Lam | ロックラム

      Hah! Alright, another thing to test out when we meet lol. We will see. Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!

      …you know, I could just buy one…NO, stealing is better.

  • yonasu

    If anything, that’s a nice conversation starter^^

    • TicTaek

      Yup, it’s definitely started many conversations. It almost looks like a children’s watch so I sure many people are somewhat puzzled when I wear it.

  • Bonitabulet

    i want to buy this..