During The Principal’s Speech

This video is in my opinion a masterpiece by Bananaman (a Japanese comedy duo). If you’re not familiar with the setup in this video, they’re basically standing in line like they do in the picture on the right. Japanese students (usually) gather in the school gym for the official part of graduation, or any other situation where teachers and others are holding speeches etc.

In this case, Bananaman is doing what guys do best, messing around, while the high-school principal is holding his/her speech. I’ve watched it a few times and it’s still hilarious^^

And while Bananaman is on topic I might as well add this video with Himura Yuuki (the guy with the mushroom haircut). In this video he’s acting as a transfer student introducing himself to his new class.

The perfect introduction for sure :P

What’s your favorite clip with Bananaman?