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Posted by Jonas on August 21st, 2011. Filters:

free stitch is a company started by a some Japanese graphic designers who started making simple high quality clothes for their pets. Their website is a beautiful Flash creation with a nice fixed menu on the top and big high quality background images rotating under it. All animations are very smooth and together with the background music (yes, there’s background music but I think it works very well on this site) everything works together in harmony.

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  • kitamura Halima

    Very very interesting indeed. Wonder if my cat would want one.^^

    Nah probably would claw me if I ever tried putting something like that on her. >_<

  • Jonathan King

    How impressive. My two dogs really appreciate the sentiment, attention to detail and quality shown in Free Stitch. Please…keep up the excellent work.
    Jonathan (Nampedai)