Funky Forest: The Weirdest Movie Ever

Posted by Jonas on November 4th, 2010. Filters:

Many of you have probably already seen this masterpiece that was written and directed by Katsuhito Ishii, Hajimine Ishimine and Shunichiro Miki in 2005. But for those of you who have not, after you’ve seen these two clips, you’re going to want to get your hands on this incredibly weird movie asap.

If you ask me, I’ve never in my life seen something this weird before, and I’ve seen a lot of weird Japanese movies, trust me. Make sure you’re not eating dinner or anything while watching them, it’s not gore or anything, but I was eating Goulash soup and I completely lost my appetite :P

After school club activities

Youth Classroom

If this isn’t the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen, then please, enlighten me of what I’ve missed.

You can buy the movie here if you want.

  • Anonymous

    WTF!!!! I have seen some strange shit from Japan, but this is just WTF!!!!!!

    • yonasu

      Haha yeah, it’s a major brainfuck xD

  • Isaac

    well you were right about loosing an appetite

  • keyinjpop

    It’s disturbing to watch I’ll give it that, but is the humor suppose to make sense or is it just suppose to be random?