Gaki no Tsukai Batsu Game Roulette Taikai App

Let’s say you’re a member of a group of friends who like to mimic what Downtown, Cocorico and Yamazaki Hōsei do in their famous Gaki no Tsukai batsu (punishment) games and you want a much closer experience, then I have an app for you.

This app is very simple, but let me explain how it works. So you start off by selecting the players (up to 10), there’s a very long list of (Japanese) names to choose from but you can’t actually write your own if it’s not on the list. Fortunately for us non-Japanese, instead of names you can select categories that would create a whole new situation. For example, the ones who lose can be the ones wearing glasses, the ones who are male or female, the good looking girls and the list goes on.

When you’ve selected the players, you can either choose to play a game of roulette or to just use the audio. The roulette game isn’t very exciting itself, after all you’re just spinning a wheel to see who gets the punishment. So the real use of this app would for example be if you play another batsu game with your friends, connect your phone to a speaker system and use voice mode. Of course you’d need an extra person to handle it, but if you want the whole experience of a Japanese batsu game, this is exactly what you need!

The app is ¥350 on the Japanese iTunes store, but I think it’s available internationally, so you might want to check your local iTunes store first. Either way, here’s a link to the Japanese one.