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Hello guys, this is my 2nd post here and I’m still a bit unsure about how things are going around here but I hope I’ll get used to it soon. Yoroshiku ne! :P
Okay, so I’ve talked with Yonasu and he gave me his okay about this. This is my personal project and I would like to feature, every Sunday, a new band or artist.

As the first edition, I’d like to feature the pop/rock group Galileo Galilei. Most of you probably haven’t heard of them but I’m sure that those who did can agree with me that this group is really amazing.

Galileo Galilei is a 4 member group from Hokkaido signed by Sony Music Japan in 2007.

By listening to their music you can clearly recognize them by their guitar works and soft rolling rock melodies, that they’ve been inspired by Bump of Chicken, Radwimps and the pillows. But what is more amazing is that at the age when Bump of Chicken had just barely formed, Galileo Gallilei had already released 2 albums, 3 singles, won a major music festival(Senkou Riot 2008) and already did a national tour.


Okazaki Yuki (born 27.05.1991):
-vocals, guitar and song writer

Iwai Fumito (born 24.12.1990)
-guitar, choru

Sako Hitoshi (born 19.06.1991)

Osaki Kazuki (born 11.05.1993)
-drums, chorus



Ame Nochi Galileo – released 2009.01.21
1) Kanseitou
2) Swallow
4) Senpuki
5) Monday7s
6) Hello-Goodbye
7) Nerura Mura No Kanshasai


Hamanasu no Hana – released 2010.02.24
1) Hamanasu no Hana
2) Mune Ni Te Wo Atete
3) Answer
4) Freedom
5) Ame Love
6) Rock Star


Natsuzora – released 2010.06.09
1) Natsuzora
2) Hana No Ame
3) Arozuyufu


Yotsuba Sagashi no Tabibito – released 2010.09.22
1) Yotsuba Sagashi no Tabibito
2) Arigatou, gomen ne
3) Invader


Boku Kara Kimi E – released 2011.01.19
1) Boku Kara Kimi E
2) Tougenkyou
3) Alvin


Parade – released 2011.02.16
1) Boku Kara Kimi E
2) Wakanai
3) 18
4) Hamanasu No Hana
5) Yotsuba Sagashi No Tabibito
6) Yoru No Madobe To Yotsuba No Clover
7) Natsuzora
8) Flappy
9) Dou Demo Ii
10) Siren
11) Kanseitou (acoustic)




Here are some videos that you can check out:





  • Ben

    your doing a great job!
    i only listen to mainstream stuff so their sound is very refreshing.

  • Loc Lam | ロックラム

    Just want to say another warm welcome to Kimi-kun! Can’t wait to discover some new artists.

  • yonasu

    Wow! These guys are great! Surprised I haven’t heard about them before. Thanks for sharing^^

  • Wanderer

    Thanks!I already know the band and I simply love them. I just couldn’t find anywhere any proper discography.
    And this one is great! thanks

  • Michelle

    There’s a great article on the Manga UK blog where Galileo Galilei talk about their favourite anime!