GEL-COOL Bento Box

Posted by Jonas on August 24th, 2011. Filters:

I’m usually the kind of guy who goes out to buy lunch when I’m at school or working. But during my two months trip to Japan this summer, I started to appreciate cooking more, so I decided to buy my first ever lunch box. Although actually the main reason is because I have to save money since I plan to go to Tokyo in December for Christmas and New Year’s.

This bento box is called GEL-COOL and is created by GEL-DESIGN. It comes in many different color variations, but simple as I am I opted for the earthy version. On the outside, this bento box looks like any other ordinary bento box, but what makes this one different is that the lid contains a cooling gel that you can freeze to keep the contents cool and fresh. I prefer eating salads and fruits fresh so this is a very nice feature to me, but you can of course use it without freezing the lid down.

A soft cover makes sure it stays sealed.

Each box has a separator, very handy!

The boxes are pretty big so when one is enough, that works too.

This doesn’t come with the bento box, but if you don’t already have portable chopsticks, you should get that while you’re at it. I think these were like 400 yen at MUJI.

If you’re interested in getting this, you can order it here, it’s a bit expensive (¥3200 + handling), but hey, perhaps that will make you actually use it ;) You’ll have to pick a color too, which you can do here (just put the color in the note field when you send your request).

So what about you? Do you make your own lunch or do you buy lunch every day?

  • Loc Lam | ロックラム

    I love my bento box. I recently bought Makiko Itoh’s “The Just Bento Cookbook” and cooking up a storm haha.