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The popular pop/hip-hop group GReeeeN and their producer JIN, who is also the brother of the leader of the group Hide and member of the rock group High Speed Boyz decided to create a project called “Green boys”. As the members are all from Fukushima they felt the need to do something for the whole situation and so they released a song that will be distributed free of charge as mp3 and karaoke version.

And this is not all for the project, they asked people to join in by sending their precious photos. You can all sending your photos by accessing this page:

They believe that by doing this it will help Japan to find strength and smile again. This project is available with the help of NHK Publishing, Universal Music Japan, Stardust Music, Edward Entertainment Group and High Speed Boyz Inc.

Green Boys Project is available only for a limited period of time. You can download the mp3 file only till 30th of September 2011. After this project closes they will make a music video with the photos sent by the people. Please note that because there will be a lot of photos submitted they won’t be able to use all the photos.

JIN left a message for all the fans:

“Hello, everyone.

This is JIN. I am the older brother and producer of GReeeeN who is living in Tokyo.
Together with my younger brother who is living in FUKUSHIMA, we are part of the band, GReeeeN, whose songs have been downloaded over 36 million times in Japan.

Unfortunately, the members of GReeeeN have suffered from this earthquake.
Currently, they have been fighting the fear of possible effects from radiation.
Though they are musicians, they are normally dentists and have continued their work as dentists to help reunite families through the identification of victims through dental records.

Even though it may be just a small thing, we’ve put our hearts and souls into making this song for the earthquake victims.
You can download our song for free.

By all means, everyone, please listen to it, take a little time to look inside the true, positive spirit of the Japanese.
Also, please continue to keep Japan in your hearts and minds.

We deeply thank you for all your wishes and prayers.

JIN, the producer of GReeeeN”


If I remember right, this is not the first project they do where they use people’s photos as they used photos on their CD case for their limited edition of the single “Haruka” where the subject of the photos was “the family”. As about the song, they maintain the same catchy sound and the touching lyrics as in their previous releases.

Here is the song if you want to check it out:



I’ll give you the link from where to download the song+karaoke and the lyrics in japanese, chinese, spanish, english and korean:

And here is the link if you want to see the photos that have been already submitted:

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