Gyaru Wednesday Wk10

Wow, week 10! This is the longest series of posts there is on this blog, and it just keeps getting better and better. This week’s edition is a bit longer than usual and has a little bit of everything, so enjoy!

Even Guu has become one of the gyarus now, as you can see in the top right of this post, neat eh?

If you have missed previous Gyaru Wednesday, you can either search for Gyaru Wednesdays in the search field in the top of the sidebar, or use the top navigation (galleries).

This week’s edition of Gyaru Wednesday was made possible by: Mi*KiLaLa*D*GLam, OHYEAHGYARU and supakawaiigurl!

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  • Ragnar

    Haha, the last one was pretty wtf.

    • yonasu

      Haha yeah :P I like the third last too xD

  • Bob

    Is it weird that I touch myself to your picture?

    • yonasu

      Uhm, a little bit :P

    • ShiningStar

      Nope, it’s normal. I usually got my zip down before I click on the Gyary wednesday url on my rrs feeder.

    • yonasu

      I think you’re both a bit weird xD But hey, I don’t mind.

  • Chris_D

    I was wondering how some of the hair extensions of those bikini-clad girls would go in the water, but after I thought about it I decided that swimming was probably not their main goal :-).

    • yonasu

      Haha yeah, their main goal was probably tanning… But I don’t think it would mess them up or anything, it’s not like they can’t shower :P

  • ShiningStar

    Just found some great Gyaru AV online, if you search for “Gyaru on hunt” on streaming sites, great for educational purpose. ;)

    • yonasu

      For educational purpose? What exactly are you studying? xD

  • Lyndaolive1

    nice bikini