Gyaru Wednesday Wk11

Woohoo! Gyaru Wednesday! Go get a cold one, turn on some MoNa a.k.a. SAD GIRL and enjoy ;)

The picture above is definitely my favorite this week, what’s yours?

This week’s edition of Gyaru Wednesday was made possible by: gyaru, etc and supakawaiigurl.

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  • PGratian

    This is definitely the cutest gallery of them all.

    • yonasu

      I’m glad you think so! And I think I’m gonna have to agree^^

  • Serazahr

    The one in the Polka dots does it for me.

    Otherwise: do Gyaru actually swim? I mean all that work would just dissolve in the water…

    (and for some reason i can’t do verified log-in with wp, it tells me i don’t own that identity…)

    • yonasu

      Haha, not really my taste but she’s cool^^

      Some of them probably do, but I think they’re mostly there for the tan, and for the boys perhaps :P

      And that’s odd… I just tried logging in with Yahoo and it worked… What account did you try with?

  • Flaffer

    Smokin-bikini-gyaru indeed!

  • Flaffer

    Speaking of Gyaru, did you hear about Kayo Satoh? She is a he. Damn!

  • Orlando Barcelona

    Hot AND Beautiful girls make the world a better place :)