Gyaru Wednesday Wk12

Surprise surprise! I’ve got some lovely Japanese gyarus to show you all this week as well ;)

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This week’s edition of Gyaru Wednesday was made possible by: OHYEAHGYARU, supakawaiigurl, gyaru, etc, Jennyのtumblr and Pop Cutie!

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  • Serazahr

    I chose かわいい on the poll… instantly regretted it though when reaching the 4th pic

    my fav this week: the one before the last.

    • yonasu

      Haha^^ Good choice!

  • TofuUnion

    I see some pictures of Maki Goto… Could I add this transformed slim ” Yuko Nakazawa ” too ?

    • yonasu

      Isn’t Yuko a bit old for this? Haha. I’ve never seen her as a gyaru :P

  •ñeda/100002087434684 Jackeline Antuanette Castañeda

    I love theses pictures :D .I  didn’t have watched those Maki Goto and Kanako’s pictures . They’re so funny >w<