Gyaru Wednesday Wk16

Gyaru Wednesday is a back! It’s been a couple of weeks since last time, but I’m very happy to start a new “season” of this series. So please, enjoy!

Via fuckyeahjapanfashion and gyaru, etc.

  • Anonymous

    Definitely the last one!
    Although Kudos for not letting herself be bested by age.

    This week I’ll take the one for $78,95.
    (Her shoes are weird though…)

    • yonasu

      You sure that was sarcasm? You don’t have to be embarrassed for liking older women ;)

    • Chris Davis

      Yup, older Japanese women are some of the hottest going around! Thumbs up :-).

  • keyinjpop

    Yay, Gyaru week is back >u<. My favorites are the two Pikachus and the one with the two ponytails and arm warmers.

    • yonasu

      Cool! The girl with the ponytails (Hikari Shiina) is my favorite this week too :D