Gyaru Wednesday Wk17

Guess what? It’s that day of the week again! Forget the idols, because here come the gyarus! Don’t forget that in most cases you can hover over an image to find out the girl’s name.

Who’s your favorite this week? Mine would be Misaki Izuoka in the black hat and light brown hair, she reminds me of Aya Ueto^^

Sources: gyaru, etc, Ohyeahgyaru and Mi*KiLaLa*D*GLam.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for keeping this up! Makes lectures a bit more bearable.

    Awww, さとみんちゃん wins this week for me. (It’s totally a contest if you were wondering)
    Btw any idea how to read her blog? Those Japanese blogs are driving me crazy with their layout…

    • yonasu

      My pleasure! :D

      I’m not sure what you mean? What about the layout makes you go crazy?

    • Anonymous

      How do I get to the posts?

    • yonasu

      I see what you mean… haha. The blog posts are located towards the bottom of that page, just below the DazzyStore banner and just above the categories at the bottom. It looks a bit weird though, I’m pretty sure it’s made for Japanese mobile phones. Anyways, here’s what the posts look like:

    • Anonymous

      thx helped a lot.
      reading the blog now on my phone^^

  • keyinjpop

    Difficult choice this week but Hikari Shiina is my fave. Btw, some many bugs eyes in this collection but maybe that just the camera angle.

    • yonasu

      Hikari Shiina is always cute^^

      I’m sure most of them use contacts that enlarge and change the color of your eyes. That plus the makeup that is also put on in a way that’ll make your eyes look bigger.

  • Jin

    Not gonna lie, this has got to be like my favorite Gyrau Wednesday yet. *o* I think it’s ’cause there’s lots of bug eyed girls in this one, and since I’m such an Ayu fan, I’m really drawn to huge eyes.

    That second pic of Kurumi Hanji reminds me of early Ayu.

    • yonasu

      I see what you mean! She does look a bit like Ayu^^ I’m a big fan of Ayu as well!

  • *bj*

    To be honest, the massive eyes kind of freak me out a bit. I really don’t see the problem with natural eyes on japanese girls…

    • yonasu

      I personally prefer natural eyes as well, but I can find this kind of makeup attractive too. I don’t mind them wearing contacts that make their eyes look bigger, but I’m not very fond of the way they use their eyeliner.