Gyaru Wednesday Wk18

The longest running series on keeps growing and growing. We’re now at week 18 so in just two weeks we’ll reach the milestone of 20 weeks which will of course be a special version! So until then, enjoy this week’s lovely collection of gyarus ;)

Don’t forget to tell us who your favorite is!

And your favorite this week is? Mine would me Maiko Takahashi, there are a couple of her, but especially the black and white close-up!

Sources: gyaru, etc, Pop Cutie and Jon Siegel

  • Brian

    Good job on gyaru wednesday as always. :-)

    • yonasu


  • Anonymous

    I came here, and then came again ^^;

    • yonasu

      I do not want to look at my blog with a UV light in my hand… Not since you started visiting my blog xD

  • Anonymous

    This week is not a fair contest… The girl in the nurse costume has a clear advantage ^^

    • yonasu

      Ah, so that’s your weak spot^^ I’ll keep that in mind for future Gyaru Wednesdays :P

  • Rawr Obsession

    I love these posts ! I’m looking foreward to them every week :D