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So I’ve just finished watching Hotelier, a Ueto Aya drama (which you should know if you’ve read my older posts!). So what should I say about it… It was definitely not as good as Attention Please, but that’s one of my favorites so it’s hard to beat it. Overall it was really good anyway, what I liked the most about it was that it made me happy most of the time cause Odagiri (Ueto Aya) and her co-workers had such a great working spirit and they were always smiling. The story was great, even though some stuff makes you go like “no way! that would never happen” afterwards, but that’s pretty usual in doramas. The only ones I actually knew in this dorama before I started watching it was Aya, Nishida Naomi and Saeko, but of course since Aya is in it I didn’t expect it to be anything but amazing. I liked this dorama a lot anyway and I’d recommend it to all Aya fans out there, and to every else too I guess.

It was a little short though, only 9 episodes so I felt like they rushed it a little, but that’s just me probably. Here’s the correlation chart anyway, maybe you’ll find someone you know!


Hotelier correlation chart
So what’s up next, let’s see… Oh yeah, another YamaPi dorama! Proposal Daisakusen, I’ll probably watch the first 2 episodes later tonight.

Anyway, I have to go make myself some tea now since I have a sore throat. Talk to you later!