How to go to Japan from the USA

Posted by Jonas on February 4th, 2011. Filters:

  1. Go to Google Maps and click get directions.
  2. Write U.S.A. as your starting point.
  3. Write Japan as your destination.
  4. Go to the 31st point on your route.

Other points to take a look at: 35-36 and 46 (yep, you gotta do it twice).

Thanks ronin!

  • Anonymous

    WOW, google is pretty stupid there, they should take you to the next airport instead and be useful instead.

    • yonasu

      Haha yeah… but that wouldn’t work if you’re taking a ship to Japan ;)

  • Amy

    Go to google maps, type in Japan to China. Then look at # 41 :D

    • yonasu

      Hahaha, I wonder if they have more versions :P I know they used to have “swim”!

  • Natalie

    if you ask for the walking route then it says “kayak across the pacific ocean” um okay? XD

  • Dustin Vilmur

    My Boss My Hero reference even. Love it.