How To Make Japanese Food

Posted by Loc on December 10th, 2010. Filters:

Okay, so I just want a little break from dramas and movies. Besides watching them in my spare time, I am also an avid eater and burgeoning cook. When I found a channel on YouTube that shows you how to make Japanese food favorites like sushi, onigiri, and snacks like green tea ice cream — I was in food heaven. The channel is called cookingwithdog because a dog name Francis is supposedly narrating the videos. Everything is pretty easy to follow and explained very well. Here are some how-to videos of my favorite foods.



Omurice (Chicken Rice Wrapped with Fried Egg)


Green Tea Ice Cream! (my favorite!)

  • yonasu

    The closest I’ve come to cooking Japanese food, or food in general, is sprinkling furikake over rice… Oh and I’m pretty good at instant ramen! These videos are really useful though, so when I decide to start cooking my own meals, I’ll start with these^^

    Oh and is it just me or does the narrator sound like Ken Tanaka? Haha.

    • Mali

      thought the same, he sounds like Ken Tanaka!!! o.O

    • Loc Lam | ロックラム

      You can start with the onigiri and coat it with furikake. There’s a video for that too call How to Make Bento Foods ; )

    • yonasu

      Cool, that’d be pretty easy I think. It’s really just molded rice with furikake, no? :P I really need to learn how to make onigiri with filling though, buying lunch out every day is getting quite expensive…

    • Loc Lam | ロックラム

      Yep, it shouldn’t take long at all. I would get salted seaweed for some added flavors. Good luck in the kitchen! :)

      Also, yeah he DOES sounds like Ken Tanaka now that you mentioned it. Side gig?

    • yonasu

      I have no idea where they sell seaweed though… Might have to ask someone at a sushi bar :P

      Could be Ken Tanaka… He does a lot of stuff after all, I’ve seen him in CSI even, haha.

    • Brett

      should try making okonomiyaki, its pretty easy just a LOT of prep work, and the right ingredients.
      Works out and taste pretty great :)

    • yonasu

      Anything that takes longer than 30 minutes is a big no-no, does it take more than 30 minutes? :P

    • Brett

      just the prep work ><.

    • yonasu

      But if I get someone to help me we might be able to do it quickly^^

  • yawmoght

    Thank you so much! I´ll spread these videos (and mark this website). Great!

    • Loc Lam | ロックラム

      Haha awesome! Glad you find them useful :)

  • BreadLoaf

    I’ve been following cookingwithdog for a while now. Easily the best cooking channel on YouTube.

    • Loc Lam | ロックラム

      A fellow food enthusiast? Yay!

      Yep, it’s definitely the best one I’ve seen yet. In one of the videos, “Francis” revealed he won an award from YouTube for having such an awesome channel.

  • Steve

    I’ve used cookingwithdog’s recipes a few times. Very easy to follow, and it’s always nice to check out a video recipe rather than just text on its own. I also like runnyrunny999, though it’s not as comprehensive as cookingwithdog. Great sense of humour though!

  • Real Talk Japan

    “Cooking With Dog” is an awesome idea, and has great content. Even though I get what the title really means, it’s still a little jarring. We did an article about why foreigners mistake a popular Japanese soft drink for “cow pee” because of its weird name. Please check it out!