How To Use Chopsticks

Posted by Jonas on January 4th, 2011. Filters:

In August last year I posted up a video on how to apologize in Japan. This video comes from the same set called The Japanese Tradition and tells you how to properly use chopsticks, well, kind of. I love how these videos start off seriously and just goes downhill a minute in. This one is a bit exaggerated but it’s hilarious!

I definitely have to try some of these when I get my hands on some waribashi^^

  • David @ Ogi Jima

    I really love the “Japanese tradition” video. I didn’t know this one. Thanks. :)

    • yonasu

      Haha yeah, I love them too^^ My pleasure sharing it ;)

      This is one of the better ones in my opinion, but the Sushi one is hilarious too :D

  • Loc Lam | ロックラム

    I can only separately them perfectly 1/5 tries ¬_¬

    • yonasu

      Do the dynamite version and you should be fine :P I’m pretty good with it actually, but even I fail sometimes…

  • Akjb