I Won an iKnow Mousepad!

Posted by Jonas on November 1st, 2011. Filters:

Well well, look at what we’ve got here! Could this be the original iKnow! mousepad everyone’s been talking about? Why yes it is.

I happen to be one of the lucky winners of the iKnow! Autumn Study Campaign raffle drawing!

For those who don’t know, iKnow! became a premium only language learning tool not too long ago. For a while, the iKnow! tool was used on a community called “smart.fm”, but that is now gone and iKnow! is back to being the tool it’s ought to be. Since the move, they’ve made a lot of changes to the interface and added a few new features that in my opinion make the site a lot easier to use. For example, the new achievements feature is a great way to keep you going, but perhaps most importantly, the iPhone and Android apps work really well.

But forget all about the cool features, this mousepad might be exactly what I need. My biggest enemy is my own memory, it’s not about procrastination because I really enjoy studying, and although I do get study reminders via e-mail every now and then, it’s easy to just go “well, I’m busy at the moment so I’ll do that later”. Then of course you forget all about it when you finally have the time. With this mousepad, there’s no point in coming up with excuses, I’ll be reminded constantly!

There’s just a tiny little issue… I use a trackpad.

That looks like a nice little podium for the lovely Magic Trackpad, but for now, I think I’ll just use it as something for my iPhone to rest on(^_^)

  • Jamaipanese

    that mousepad is really cool

    • http://yonasu.com/ Jonas

      Yeah! It’s a very simple and nice design^^

  • Matus Straznicky

    Ahh very good! I wanted to participate as well,but time reasons were against it :)

  • http://www.kal01.com/ Kal

    that’s one neat mousepad!

  • http://locnessdesigns.com Loc Lam

    Very nice dilemmas to have :)

  • Anonymous

    Sweet! Congrats :)