Winter 2008 Drama Preview

Posted by Jonas on January 9th, 2008. Filters:

A new year is here and there are many doramas to look forward to. Honey and Clover premiered today, I’m not going to watch it until it’s finished and subbed though. Other doramas I’m looking forward to this year are these:

Binbou Danshi starring Shun Oguri and Yu Yamada.

I’ve only read the short synopsis by Tokyograph but it sounds interesting. I’ve only seen Shun Oguri in Hana Yori Dango as a rich guy, this time he’s poor and takes on other peoples debts.

Mirai Koushi Meguru starring Kyoko Fukada.
This one sounds really interesting! Kyoko Fukada plays the English teacher Meguru Yoshida who discovers a special power which makes her able to see the people around as they look 20 years in the future. Might be really funny!

Cosplay Yurei Guren Onna starring Ai Takabe.
Lots of teachers this year, this time Ai Takabe stars as the high school teacher Fumiyo Nabekura whose lack of friends is the result of a gloomy personality. Trying to find her purpose in life she dresses up at night as a fictional ghost and terrifies other people. Even though Ai Takabe isn’t one of my favorites, she did good in Shimokita Sundays, of course with the help of Aya Ueto. It sounds good and she’ll probably do a good job!

Edison no Haha starring Misaki Ito.
A first-grade teacher discovers that one transfer student, considered to be a problem child, may actually be a prodigy.

I’m not so sure about this one but I like Misaki Ito from Densha Otoko so I have to give it a try, it might be very interesting.

One-Pound Gospel starring Kazuya Kamenashi and Meisa Kuroki.
Kazuya Kamenashi as a boxer, I hope he’s not too serious cause he’s supposed to be the funny guy. It’s a mixture of comedy, sports and romance and reading the rest of the synopsis gives me hope. Kazuya has no control over his appetite and that forces him to fight in a higher weight class which of course leads to a series of losses. Sounds like it could be fun after all!

I might also take a look at Atsuhime just because it stars Horikita Maki and Matsuda Shota.

I hope 2008 will be a great dorama year with lots of new discoveries! Read the rest of the winter 2008 drama previews from Tokyograph.

Other than these new and upcoming doramas I still have many old doramas to watch. I’m currently watching akihabara@DEEP and there’s four doramas in my to watch list (Hana Kimi, Abarenbo Mama, Stand Up!! and Hotelier).