J-List Renewal Open — Welcome to the 21st Century

Posted by Jonas on October 13th, 2010. Filters:

Your friend in Japan has just bought new clothes! So to speak. After months of hard work from the people at J-List, they’ve successfully relaunched their site. The entire site has been reworked from scratch with an all new design, new product images, better categories and a quite noticeable speed bump.

With the new site comes features like sorting categories and searches by popularity, last update and price. You can even choose to view the products in grid or list view.

Grid and List view. Both very nice depending on what your browsing for :)

With a new site comes minor headaches so the team is kindly asking for you to report any bugs you might come across, but the site seems to run just fine on my end.

So to celebrate, I’m going to place an order right now! Or well, after browsing a bit^^ I think you should do so too, so head over to J-List by clicking on this link! It’s Pocky season and I haven’t had Pocky in months, so definitely gonna get a couple of those. I’ve been keeping an eye on the Maneki Neko coin bank they have as well, so I think I’ll get that one this time as well.

Congrats to J-List and well done! It’s a lovely design!

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  • http://autaku.com/ Steve

    I’ve been trying to think of what I might like to order from the US because of the strong exchange rate from AU$ to US$ at the moment and had been coming up with nothing until it clicked this morning that J-List operates in US$. I should have some credit coming my way from the affiliate program soon too, so when that comes in I should be able to manage a bargain or two.

    • http://www.yonasu.com yonasu

      We’re in the same boat my friend, the US dollar is weak and the Swedish krona is strong. And on top of that, I’ve also received payments from affiliate programs recently^^

  • http://www.hotarashi.com Tomakun

    And I’m the guy behind the design/code… Seriously. I didn’t know you knew about J-List ^^ It’s kind of funny to see a post about it on your blog, I’ve been reading it for quite some time now. Go ahead if you’ve got comments and critics about it the new J-List, I will be happy to read them. I’m still polishing it, but thanks for the post!

    BTW I was shocked to see the new design on Yonasu. You nailed the previous theme, this one feels really original too. Keep it up!

    • http://www.yonasu.com yonasu

      Oh cool! You did a really good job^^ I bet J-List will get many more customers because of it. I’ve known about J-List for, well, years, but I only started to use it myself this year. I can’t think of anything right now but I’ll let you know if something pops up.

      I think most of my readers were shocked about the new design, I was even a bit shocked myself :P This one is definitely more original than the other theme as I coded this from scratch. I’m very glad people are liking it as it’s quite an extreme change. People seem to more interested in visiting my blog directly now, I guess mostly because of the speed bump, it’s very noticeable when looking at the visit and pageview stats!

      Anyways, thanks!