J-POP Hits! — J-pop Charts on your iPhone

Posted by Jonas on February 1st, 2012. Filters:

Ever wanted to check the weekly Oricon charts on the go? This is exactly what J-POP Hits! lets you do. J-POP Hits! comes in a free and a paid version where the free version shows “only” 20 songs on the top lists, which should be enough, really.

The top lists you can choose from are Oricon Weekly Single, Billboard Japan, CDTV TOP100, Karaoke DAM and Ringtone Ranking. Having the album rankings would be nice too, but singles is what I care about the most so it’s okay.

My favorite feature in this app is being able to play videos directly by clicking on a song, and then being able to choose between other songs by that artist. It’s quite a nice way to find new music, although that’s perhaps a bit of a lie since the artists that make it to the top lists are pretty much always the same famous pop and rock groups everyone has heard of… but still.


It’s a very simple app and let’s just say I’ve seen better designed apps in my life, but it does the job, and it does it well. Definitely check it out if you like looking at the weekly charts!