Jonas’ Weekly Music Spotlight Wk3: ANTY the kunoichi

Posted by Jonas on November 2nd, 2011. Filters:

ANTY the kunoichi is an hip-hop artist from Taijimi, Gifu who debuted in 2004. ANTY first got into the hip-hop scene after she attended summer school in Virginia, USA, and believe it or not, the artist who introduced her to the genre was none other than MC HAMMER.

In my case, I was first introduced to her when she released her album “ANTY” under Victor Entertainment in 2010 and I instantly fell in love with her song “hikari” seen in the first video below.

The best thing about ANTY the kunoichi has to be her voice, the music is pretty straightforward mainstream hip-hop/rnb but her dark tomboyish voice is just amazing.


If this is your type of music, then definitely check out ANTY, I’m sure it won’t disappoint.