Movie inspired by Galileo Galilei’s “Kanseitou” premiers in London

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A movie inspired by Galileo Galilei’s music is set to premier at London’s 2011 Raindance Film Festival on October 9th. The movie is called “Kanseitou(Control Tower)” and was first released in Japan in April 2011 and now it’s coming to the UK. “Kanseitou” is the first song written by the rock group and aims “to capture the emotion behind the chords and translate the lyrics’ message in a medium that transcends the language barrier.”.

Director Takahiro Miki decided to make the movie based on the song after hearing it performed live. The lead singer Yuuki Ozaki commented, “We were surprised and thrilled when we first heard about the project”, he continued by saying “Kanseitou was about those feelings we had as teenagers, battling against an overwhelming sense of hopelessness as time inevitably ticks on.”

“Kanseitou” takes place in Galileo Galilei’s hometown Wakkanai, Hokkaidō and tells how two alienated, directionless youths find their place in life through music. The song “Kanseitou” is from Galileo Galilei’s debut album “Ame Nochi Galileo” that was released on the 21st of January 2009.

You can watch the trailer below:

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