Kumi Koda – Japonesque music videos

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Kumi Koda released her tenth studio album called “Japonesque” on 25th of January. The album featured two American top artists, T-Pain and Omarion. This is her 2nd album in which all of the songs have a music video. So let’s take a look at the videos!

So Nice:

Boom Boom Boys:

V.I.P feat. T-Pain:

Slow feat. Omarion:



In The Air:

You’re Not Alone:


Love Me Back:

No Man’s Land:

Ai Wo Tomenaide:


Lay Down:

Love Technique:

Poppin’Love Cocktail feat. TEEDA:

This post is for Aaron who doesn’t know who Kumi Koda is *shocked*. The whole album is amazing but I highly recommend Boom Boom Boys, Slow and No Man’s Land.

  • http://myshashin.tumblr.com TicTaek

    aha! Thanks!  I promise you that I will watch all of these videos. I am surprised she has a music video for each of the songs on that album.  Crazy!

  • http://locnessdesigns.com Loc Lam

    That is crazy. I don’t know of any other artist (maybe Ayumi) that have a video for every song.

  • http://twitter.com/GameInMode Patrick Davey

    I’ve now got ‘In The Air’ stuck in my head! Unfortunately most of these videos have been removed.. :-(