Lace & Sherbet: A Summer Love Story

Posted by Patrick on February 20th, 2012. Filters:

If you have a passion for fashion, you’ll know that it’s a big deal when the seasons change from colder to warmer (even more of a deal than to the weatherman) because this is where all the styles, colours and outfits for the next six months crawl their way off the catwalks and into the fashion stores. Just what’s on the hot list for this year, you ask?

Two of the recurring styles found throughout most collections showcased at the various spring/summer fashion shows around the world were lace and sherbet colouring – lace is still clinging onto the fashionistas from last season, however sherbet tones are a new contender and a contrast from the bolder, brighter colours that ruled the roost in 2011. Waves of baby blue, soft pink, light yellow and mint green were seen gracing the catwalks, alongside intricate lace skirts, dresses and shorts.

Well, it didn’t take long for the speedy fashion houses of Japan to race their new lace and sherbet ¬†collections out the door and onto the shelves! I’ve compiled some of my favourite items that have currently been released and placed them below. Tell me – are you digging this style? Would you/your girlfriend suit it? Let me know in the comments!



Images courtesy of MagaSeek

  • Jonas

    My gf would look great in #1 and #6 I think :D

    • Patrick Davey

      Funny you say that – I think those would suit you too! :-P

    • Jonas

      Everything looks good on me ;)