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So it’s Sunday again and the artist I would like to feature for this week is Love.

Love is a Japanese Pop/R&B duo, produced by Hiro of Exile’s agency LDH. They debuted in 2009 with the single “First Love: Love Letter”. The band’s name comes from the first word in their production company (LDH)’s non-acronym name (Love Dream Happiness).

Love was formed in 2008 by former Paradise Go!! Go!! member Misaki Matsumoto, and Stephnie. The duo met through the agency LDH, when they were given the roles of the two vocalists in a dance performance group called Real Force. When the plans for this group fell through, the duo formed Love. Both member have been in the entertainment industry for over ten years. The group’s songs have been popular through digital markets, with all lead tracks fro their singles reaching top 5 on the RIAJ Digital Track Chart.

The duo has collaborated with Exile twice; once before their debut on the song “Love, Dream & Happiness” on Exile’s compilation album “Exile Ballad Best” in 2008, and in 2009 Misaki recorded the background vocals for Exile’s song “If(I know)” on their album “Aisubeki Mirai e”.


First Love: Love Letter – Release 2009.08.26
1) Two Hearts
2) Love Letter
3) secret base ~Kimi Ga Kureta Mono~
4) Two Hearts (Instrumental)
5) Love Letter (Instrumental)
6) secret base ~Kimi Ga Kureta Mono~ (Instrumental)

Second Love – Tada Hitotsu no Negaisae – Release 2009.11.25
1) Tada Hitotsu no Negaisae
2) Go Your Way
3)Koe Wo Kikasete
4) Tada Hitotsu no Negaisae (Instrumental)
5) Go Your Way (Instrumental)
6)Koe Wo Kikasete (Instrumental)

Watashiau Mono – Release 2010.03.10
1) Watashiau Mono
2) Love “Pure” Mix ~Single Collection~
3) Watashiau Mono (Instrumental)

Taisetsu na Kimochi – Release 2010.04.14
1) Love Letter
2) Tada Hitotsu No Negaisae
3) Taisetsu Na Kimochi
4)Watashiau Mono
5) I Wish You
6) Keo Wo Kikasete
7) secret base ~Kimi Ga Kuretamono~
8) Setsunai Samishii Kanashii Tokimo
9) Dear Myself
10) Sunao Ni Naritai
11) Go Your Way
12) Zutto
13) Two Hearts

Kataomoi – Release 2010.09.08
1) Kataomoi
2) Kimi No Yokogao ~Eternal First Love~
3) Kimi No Tameni Boku Ga Dekirukoto
4) Taisetsu Na Kimochi ~Ren’ai ver.~

“Aishiteru” no One Word – Release 2010.12.15
1) “Aishiteru” no One Word
2) A Song of Love
3 Anata no Kotoba
1) “Aishiteru” no One Word (Instrumental)
2) A Song of Love (Instrumental)
3 Anata no Kotoba (Instrumental)

Telephatic Love Songs – Release 2011.04.13
2) Telepath
3) Let Your Love Sing!
4) Lady Daisy
5) Tooi Keo
6) Kimi wa Boku no Senyu
7) Tonite Tonite
9) The First & The Final
10) Kiss Me In The Rain
11) Hihi No Ha
12) Voyager

Someday Again ~Mata Auhi Made~ – Release 2011.05.11
1) Someday Again ~Mata Auhi Made~
2) Watashi Wa Anata Ni Uso Wo Tsuku
3) Love “Pure Mix” II
4) Someday Again ~Mata Auhi Made~ (Instrumental)
5) Watashi Wa Anata Ni Uso Wo Tsuku (Instrumental)

Here are some of their music videos:


These are only some of their music videos as I didn’t find them all on youtube.

This artist is a recommendation to Rokku as he was looking for some soft-pop so here it is. I specially recommend their last album.

  • yonasu

    Wow this is great! Definitely gonna get my hands on their music^^ Thanks!

  • Jenny

    They sound nice, Hiro and Atsushi have also been producing another group. Happiness is a lot like Exile except female, there are two vocalists and the rest are dancers and all the girls are between 14-15.

    • キミ君

      I made a mistake in the article, LDH is supposed to mean Love, Dream, Happiness. Just like you said, the other group is Happiness, but they also produce Dream now as the girls changed label from Avex to LDH and as now there isn’t any of the original Dream member, we can say that Dream is a new group.

  • guest

    Telepathic Love Songs is not the duo’s album.  It belongs to the solo singer Love.

    -Thanks for doing the feature

    • guest

      Nakamura Fukiko (中村蕗子) is the soloist.