Microsoft Arc Mouse

Posted by Jonas on September 8th, 2009. Filters:

Microsoft Arc Mouse and VoIP Microphone

So I’ve finally bought it, the Microsoft Arc mouse. I’ve mentioned it on Twitter before but it took me a while to actually get it, but better late than never. I also bought myself a noname VoIP microphone since the built-in microphone in the MacBook unfortunately doesn’t work very well with the lid closed. However, unlucky as I am, it seems like my line in port is broken, so the mic doesn’t work (it works on other computers). Good thing it was a cheap ass mic ($13). The MacBook is pretty old so I’ve got no warranty for it anymore, so I guess I’m forced to buy a USB mic like I originally planned to, I’ve been looking at the Blue Snowflake.

Microsoft Arc Mouse

Well, back to the Arc mouse. It was originally the design that caught my attention, it’s unique, lightweight and it folds beautifully. I’ve always used Logitech mice, although I’ve also always known that Microsoft makes great mice, one of the few things they deserve cred for. And the Arc is no exception, except for the left side button everything about this mouse is perfect.

Microsoft Arc Mouse

Unless you have really long thumbs, the left side button is a bit hard to reach but it doesn’t bother me too much. For now I use that button for the Dashboard which I don’t use that often anyways, Exposé is activated by clicking the scroll wheel. Most of all, I’m amazed of how comfortable it is, especially for being a portable mouse. I wonder how much Gakki likes to get her face rubbed by Microsoft though…^^

Noname Microphone

A pretty cool looking microphone, sadly I won’t be able to use it. I will keep it connected though, just in case the port magically fixes itself!

  • Brad F.

    I saw that Arc Mouse in the store here in June and I was really really tempted to buy it, but at the time I was trying to steer clear of anything marked Microsoft, so I passed. Funny, because now I’m really interested in getting a new Win7 laptop.

    Be sure to let us know how this thing works out for you after a few days of use!

    • yonasu

      Windows 7 looks promising though, but I’m not gonna say more than that until I actually give it a try^^

      I’ll give you an update on the mouse in a few days as requested!

  • Erka

    Jag minns inte exakt hur det var, men det är något speciellt med apples line-in för mikrofon. Man kan inte direktkoppla en mikrofon eller något sådant. När jag mötte detta problem för några år sedan så köpte jag utan vidare research (och det är därför jag inte kommer ihåg vad grejen är riktigt) en iGriffin line-in adapter med usbkontakt. Funkar prima. Finns nog på macforum än idag.