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MoeShake! is a free little iPhone game in which you should try to shake your iPhone as many times as you can in 30 seconds. Depending on how much you shake, you reach a different class. The classes you can become are:

  1. 300~ 神様 kamisama = God
  2. 250~ 宇宙人 uchujin = Alian
  3. 200~ 超人 chojin = Superman
  4. 150~ 鉄人 tetsujin = Iron man
  5. 100~ 達人 tatsujin = Master
  6. 50~ 凡人 bonjin = Ordinary
  7. ~50 残念 zannen = Disappoint

My record is 175 shakes, which makes me an Iron man! Although I was really an iron man, my arm wouldn’t hurt this much now… On top of that you look ridiculous when you play this game, haha.


・Not bump around.
・Not fly iPhone.

How many moe shakes can you get?

  • Anonymous

    I got 191 on first try left hand, and 199 on second try with right hand.
    PS: I’m left handed. I give my hands some rest before I try again.
    Just did 201 with both hands.

    I think single men have an unfair advantage in this game. :P

  • Brian

    You look ridiculous when you play this game? Can’t imagine. :P

    Also, reminds me of the Shake weight:

  • Mlpengra

    …sooo… you just… shake it?????? wow… its my opinion but, i think thats kinda a waste of time….

    • Jonas

      Yeah… you’re right about that, haha.